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80% of data projects fail [1]
Alef helps organizations reach their goals

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Ever wonder how other businesses keep their analytics projects on track?

You probably could use the help of a seasoned specialist.

Getting a skilled analyst on board will not only result in creating a more robust solution, but also

decrease project risks as well as enhance client satisfaction.

They trust me

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Increasing the success rate of analytics projects

Ensuring that projects have a value-added purpose

Leveraging data is generally neglected when IT projects are initiated, and reporting requirements are botched in the last minute. Business doesn't always know what can be done, and developers' approach tends to be too technical.

By being close to business users and through my technical understanding of data structures and Business Intelligence, I help you build strong business cases for your projects.

Defining reachable goals and a clear scope

Another common pitfall is to underestimate the complexity of data processing, and rush into development phase without having done a thorough analysis. Issues are then discovered one after the other during the development phase (or worst, only when the project gets delivered). Delays accumulate, and projects clients are not satisfied, frustration rises among staff and management.

With years of experience doing business analysis in companies of all sizes, I am able to quickly define unambiguous software specifications with a clear logic, taking identified risks and limitations into account. I have found the optimal balance to write consise yet complete business requirements, keeping projects agile. Are you ready to start delivering on time?

Establishing quality deliveries

With clear acceptance criteria, testing scenario can be put in place, sometimes automated. The developers can identify issues preemptively. The project clients can easily validate the compliance of the reporting to their specifications.

Core values

The following is part of our DNA:

  • Customer orientation
  • Knowledge management
  • Transparency and open communication
  • Understanding the human and organizational factors

Alef is here to help, doing business analysis and solution architecture.

Does it sound like we should work together?


Here is what some previous clients have to say about me:

Portrait of Bastien Wauters

"As we were looking at optimizing the conversion rate of our startup, Mehdi helped us by setting up a reporting system, measuring the performance of each step of the funnel.

Mehdi has a strong analytical mind, but also understands business, and dedicates all his efforts to his clients' goals."

, Managing Director & Co-founder at Smoall

Portrait of Jean-Christophe Blondiau

"Mehdi is responsible for the development of a data-intensive web application.

He demonstrates his commitment to the success of this enterprise through flexibility and short response times. He is totally focused on delivering results."

, Director at co-emergence

Portrait of Christopher Borrelly

"Mehdi was committed at 100% on the projects and on his assigned tasks, always trying to reach the milestones in time. He is a reliable person, highly skilled at technically designing a good datawarehouse architecture. He has a high regard for quality."

, Project Manager at European Commission

More client recommendations can be read on linkedIn.

Featured projects

These are some personal projects I have been working on. Details about client projects are generally kept private.

About me

Photograph of Mehdi El Fadil, the founder of Alef

Alef is the freelance activity provided by myself, Mehdi El Fadil, a Business Intelligence and web technologies specialist who helps guide business managers through their data analysis and technology challenges.

With more than 15 years of experience working with clients from startups to large corporations, I am comfortable wearing a business and a technical hat. I often provide the following type of services:

  • Contracting authority support
  • Strategic consulting
  • Business analysis
  • Technical experts in complex data-intensive projects

Two passions keep me busy in my free time:

  • Surfing - side-project:
  • Geometric patterns design - gallery on Instagram @alc_ve

Alef is based in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain, and serves its clients mostly remotely.