We have moved! Mango Information Systems (Belgium) is now Alef (Spain).

Our blog articles

Business Intelligence

Save Time and Money in Business Intelligence: Test!

How to make a potential 60% saving by integrating automated testing into Business Intelligence Projects

How to Get More Out of Your Business Intelligence Projects - 4 Insider Tips

Pointers for great BI project delivery

Tips from first-hand experience on better business specs (BRS); the importance of teamwork; quality in development and how testing is no luxury.

Data visualization

How to choose the right web Data Visualization library

Review of the most relevant charting libraries for common web data visualizations and reporting projects use cases. Should you choose Highcharts or d3?

Pre-render d3.js charts at server side

part1: proof-of-concept

How to pre-render d3.js data visualizations at server side, using jsdom node.js module. This is useful to support large graphics on slow machines.

Side projects

Demonstrate your tech skills with facts

Introducing myTagOverflow

Our newest creation is a free web app that generates a data visualization showing the tags on which you are most active on stackOverflow.

A dashboard to find the best time to upgrade your server

Introducing multiGa live Google Analytics dashboard

The story of why and how we created a free dashboard showing Google Analytics live traffic data on multiple websites.

Belgians, twitter and Klout

One year of twitto.be

Figures about the Belgian users of twitter, based on twitto.be data

Web and social media

A sublime landing page

How to convince visitors to buy on the web

Review of sales techniques successfully applied in a highly converting landing page: sublimetextbook.com

Getting started with Twitter

Using social media for sales conversions

Slide deck of the Getting started with Twitter workshop - December 2nd 2014, @Betacowork

Twitter influencers about sports business in BE/NL

Making-of a ranking

What is the methodology to analyze a social media audience? This post dives into the question and shows our approach to find communities and influencers.